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Copying rates from year to year in Lodgical Solution

Lodgical Solution makes it easy to copy rates from year to year, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time the calendar flips over.

With Lodgical's Rate Class Manager, copying rates from one year to the next takes only a few clicks. Lodgical also allows you to copy over length-of-stay rules associated with your rate classes, so you don't have to recreate those, either.

Here's how to copy your rates:

  1. In Lodgical Solution, go to Utilities, Configuration, Rate Classes.
  2. The Rate Class Manager window will appear. Double-click on the rate you wish to copy.
  3. The rate class editor window will appear. Click the "Copy From" button.
  4. The Copy From Rate Class window will appear. Select the rate class you wish to copy from, and enter the dates you wish to copy from and copy to. In this example, we're copying our 2017 rack rate class to 2018, so we select 1/1/2017 for the From Date, 12/31/2017 for the To Date, and 12/31/2017 for the Start On date under Copy To. The reason the Copy To Start On date is 12/31/2017 is it has to match the day of the week you chose for your From Date.  You can also copy the length-of-stay rule by checking the "Include LOS Rule" box.
  5. Repeat Steps 2-4 for any other rate classes you wish to copy.


If you have any questions about how to use this feature, give us a call at 920.746.0606.

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Connecting Lock-Off Units to Web-Booking Engines

Lodgical Solution Enterprise now supports selling lock-off units on web-booking engines. Lock-off units, also known as add-ons or adjoining rooms, are units that have access to each other via a connecting door.

This new setting must be set up in Lodgical’s GDS- Internet Reservations interface. To set up your system to support selling these units, follow these steps:

Configuring Lock-Off Units

Before configuring the CRS interface, Lodgical must be configured to support lock-offs in the general settings of Lodgical. Each lock-off must be set up in Lodgical, as well as on the CRS side.

  1. Each lock-off grouping of rooms must be configured as a room type. For example, let’s say we have 3 combinations: (A, B, C); (A, B); (A, C). Each of those combinations would be configured as a separate room type in Lodgical.  

    Set up for Lock Offs in Configuration
  2. Once these are configured in Lodgical, rates must be created for each grouping in Rate Classes.

    Set Up of Lock Off Rates
  3. The CRS Interface can now be configured with the CRS mappings.
    1. Open the GDS – Internet Reservations interface
      Set up of GDS Lock-Off
    2. Double Click on the CRS you want to map to
    3. Click the Lock Offs button
    4. The CRS value is the value in your GDS platform for the unit.
      The LockOff is the value in Lodgical for the unit.
      Repeat for each type


If you have any questions, contact Bay Lakes at 920.743.0606.

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Explore Lodgical Solution with Demonstration Mode

Lodgical Solution Enterprise has the ability to run in a Demonstration Mode that allows all editing and transactions made in this state to not reflect on your property’s financials, chart, and overall Lodgical data. Demo mode can be useful for current employees to learn and explore all the capabilities of Lodgical Solution. This component also makes […]
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Unit Specific Charging for Lodgical Condo Enterprise

In Lodgical Condo Enterprise the new feature, Unit Specific Charging, allows you to construct separate monthly charges based on unit. Creating an efficient way to schedule monthly maintenance and condo fees.  These charges can be calculated from a percentage of proceeds, fixed amount, or based upon a specific type of stay (e.g. owner stay).  Once […]
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HTML Emails Part 2: How to edit and send them in Lodgical Solution

HTML emails can be sent individually in a reservation. Otherwise, you can send a bulk HTML email message to guests arriving and departing on specific dates.
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HTML Emails Part 1: How they can benefit your property – Lodgical Solution

Sending emails to your guests with Lodgical Solution not only provides the guest details about their stay, but also keeps you and your clients connected.
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Now available in Lodgical Solution: Changing a past arrival date

Forgot to change an arrival date? Or have a no-show? With this new setting, you can change the arrival date within 24 hours after the original arrival date.
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How to use Report Sender in Lodgical Solution Enterprise

Using the Report Sender feature in Lodgical Solution, you can schedule any report(s) to be sent via FTP or email or downloaded to your computer.
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How to access SnapShot from Lodgical Solution Enterprise

We've added a link to Lodgical Solution Enterprise that will take you directly to SnapShot, potentially saving you some time.
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Sending Text Messages in Lodgical Solution Enteprise

Lodgical Solution Enterprise offers easy text messaging capabilities for both individual guests and bulk text messages. Here's how to get started.
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Streamline operations with the Lodgical Solution housekeeping app

The Lodgical Solution housekeeping app offers your staff the data they need at their fingertips, and an upgrade to your operations. Here's how to use it.
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Bundled Services in Packages: Lodgical Solution Enterprise

Lodgical Enterprise enables you to bundle packages for your guests and break apart the information for reporting purposes so as not to affect your ADR.
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