The connections your guests need.

Lodgical Solution is built to do more than manage your reservations. It integrates with all the software and hardware you need. Online booking, so you can post your rates to third-party websites, and your own. Secure payment processing, so you don’t have to worry about credit card breaches. Point of sale to manage your store or restaurant. Data dashboarding, so you can see all your data in one place. And connections to all your property’s hardware, from door locks to HVAC systems to phone systems.

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Online booking

Don’t limit yourself to guests who already know you. Lodgical Solution connects to many central reservation systems, so guests can find you on third-party booking sites or your own. Online reservations go directly into your system, and they’re collected in a convenient report so you can easily access them.

Payment processing

Never worry about credit card security again. Lodgical Solution is PCI-compliant, meaning no credit card numbers are ever stored on your system, and your software is protected from a breach. Instead, credit cards are stored securely as tokens, meaning you get all the convenience of keeping cards on file, without all the risk.

Point of sale

Lodgical Solution offers an integrated and customizable point of sale system that makes managing your restaurant, bar, store or spa easy. Guests can charge meals to their rooms, or to their company’s account. And Lodgical Solution’s point of sale is flexible enough to fit your needs.

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Data dashboarding

Lodgical Solution integrates with SnapShot Analytics, so you can get all the latest information about your property and your competition in one place. SnapShot Analytics aggregates data from various sources like Lodgical Solution, pricing and benchmarking data, TripAdvisor, Google Analytics, and social media – all within the same cloud-based platform. SnapShot Analytics helps you with demand management, revenue management, marketing, and operational strategies. So you can focus on taking care of your guests.

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Door locks

Lodgical Solution integrates with door lock systems, so you can keep your property secure and make check-in easy for your guests. When you assign a key card to a reservation, Lodgical Solution automatically syncs the reservation’s arrival and departure dates and room number. And with Lodgical Solution’s tight security levels, you won’t have to worry about unauthorized access to your rooms.

HVAC systems

Make sure your guests’ rooms are at a comfortable temperature by the time they check in, and keep your property green at the same time. Lodgical Solution integrates with HVAC systems – so when a guest arrives, your system turns on the heat or air conditioning. And when a guest leaves, it’s turned off again. Your guests will be comfortable in their rooms – and you’ll be comfortable with the energy and cost you saved.

Phone systems

Lodgical Solution includes multiple interfaces to phone systems, so you can stay on top of your guests’ calls and emergencies. With call accounting, you can bill guests for the calls they make from their rooms. Any voicemails your guests receive will be cleared when they check out. And if a guest dials 911, the front desk will be notified right away.

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