The best of both worlds.

Some property management software works only on desktop computers, leaving you without access to your data when you’re away from the office. Other software is based online, but doesn’t offer a full package of features. With Lodgical Solution, you get the best of both worlds.

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More information at a glance.

Lodgical Solution’s Analytics feature takes a graphical, dashboard-style approach to showing you data about your property’s status and performance. You can now see breakdowns of your occupancy and revenue – and comparisons to how you were doing this time last year – all on one screen. No more digging into 10 different reports to find the information you need.

Reports. Now accessible anywhere.

As a manager, your responsibilities often aren’t limited to the time you’re in the office. Your data doesn’t have to be, either. Lodgical Solution gives you access to all your reports from anywhere. You can check on the day’s arrivals, view up-to-date financial information or stay on top of daily activity. Just log in via your computer, phone or tablet.

Housekeeping done better.

Your housekeepers need up-to-date information on the rooms they’re cleaning. And you and your guests need clarity on the status of those rooms. Lodgical Solution gives you both. Now, housekeepers can easily view the rooms assigned to them on any smartphone or tablet, and mark them clean with the tap of a button. And guests can be notified right away when a room is marked clean. Say goodbye to paper printouts and clunky walkie talkies. And say hello to a better form of housekeeping.

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