Point of Sale (POS) in Lodgical

Did you know Lodgical has a mini-POS in it? It does! Treat it like a store cash register–take transactions directly on it, or charge an item or service to a room that can be paid for later. Adding Guest Services First things first: add the items and services to the Store Sales or use Guest […]
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Group Reservations in LodgicalCRS (Booking Engine)

Do you take on holiday parties and weddings at your property? Send guests to your booking engine to book from a block of rooms! Here’s the step-by-step on how to set up an Account in Lodgical that talks back and forth to the Booking Engine. (This feature is currently only supported to the Lodgical CRS […]
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Lodgical Express: Accounts

Create and manage accounts on Express. Good for corporate groups or family holiday blocks. For further management of Accounts, see the Enterprise version. When you open the Accounts page, a search function opens up. Search accounts via if they are active or not. Sort by name or number. Add a new account. What’s in an […]
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Lodgical Express: Interactive Chart

Chances are, you are going to be spending most of your time with the Chart open in Express. On the chart, you can see a clear picture of all reservations and maintenance blocks. Jump to any day via the calendar. Click on reservations to open them up. Drag on the chart to add reservations and […]
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Lodgical Express: Add Reservations

There are two ways to add reservations in Lodgical Express. Via the “Add Res” button in the Dashboard and side navigation or directly on the chart. After some initial different steps, they end the fulfilling of the reservation the same. Starting From the “Add Res” Button Adding a reservation via this button pops up a […]
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Lodgical Express : PMS on the Go

A lighter PMS that gets the job done Need a PMS that works on any device: smartphone, tablet, computer? Lodgical Express is what you need! Express is a browser-based PMS Lite. Connect Express to your current Lodgical Enterprise software, or use by itself. Great for housekeepers to use on a tablet to have real-time updates […]
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Quick Fill Rates – Modify certain days or rates during a set period of time

The Quick Fill function in Lodgical allows your property to apply rate or length of stay changes within a period of days. See this function in action in this video tutorial! Good for: Increasing rates on weekends Changing rates on particular days of the week Adding length of stay rules for weekly stays or weekends […]
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Contactless Check-In for Guests

Guests can open a browser and check into your hotel in a safe way for them and your staff. What you need to start: an SSL. Check out the instructions here if you need to add an SSL to Lodgical. Make sure your Lodgical Server is running. Open the Guest App, which is located in […]
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A Closer Look at Lodgical Dashboard-Part 2

Last week we looked at the home screen on Lodgical Dashboard.  This week we will take a look at the Analytics screen. Graphical data displayed pertains to your days occupancy, bookings, and housekeeping.  Revenue figures include ADR and RevPar. By clicking the ellipsis you will get options to view the actual report.  The bottom half […]
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A Closer Look at Lodgical Dashboard-Part 1

Lodgical Dashboard is an interactive display on the main screen of Lodgical Solution.  The home page includes information that pertains to the day to day operations of your property.   Each editable field contains the ellipsis dots, which when clicked, reveal more options. Both the Emergency Contact and the Upcoming Events can be edited by clicking […]
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