Tips for your InnLine Updater

By Angie Jonas
Published on September 7th, 2016

If you have not recently checked your InnLine updater configuration, take a moment to see if it is all correct. We much too often see properties that are not properly showing their rooms on InnLine. Did you know that InnLine can show your property in more than one category? If your property could be considered a resort, you may also want to consider showing yourself as a hotel/motel. Make sure InnLine lists your property in all the categories that properly represent you.

Within the Lodgical Innline Vacancy Update program, choose the configure icon.

 InnLine updater configure button.

Make sure your InnLine Categories are correct by selecting the Community InnLine tab.

InnLine updater category screen.

Also double check and make sure you have your correct Rate Class selected.

InnLine updater rate class selection.

Next, double check your Room Types. Make sure you do not have any duplicate room types. Also, do not select Room Types you do not rent.

InnLine updater room types.

Make sure you save your changes and once complete, select Post All.

InnLine updater post all.

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