Introducing assigning room numbers in accounts

By Angie Jonas
Published on February 15th, 2017

A new feature has been added to Lodgical Enterprise which enables you to assign rooms to accounts once you make the reservation block. You will need to update your software to activate this feature.

How to back up and update:

To back up:

Before you update your system, we recommend that you perform a backup of your data.  To do this, perform the following steps.

First, go to File, Backup/Restore, Backup.

Select your backup option and click OK.

To update software:

Before updating, verify that everyone is out of Lodgical Solution. We recommend that you update your system during our support hours, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central time.

Click on File, Software Updates & Information, and then Update Software.

Choose Lodgical Solution Software, and click Download Update. The system will update. Click the OK Button and the system will close, and then ask you for a password. Call our office at 920.746.0606 if you do not have the password.

Now that you have updated your software, you will have the latest version which allows for assigning of room numbers for accounts. 

Assigning room numbers in accounts:

Open an account, go to the Reservations tab and click the “Assign Rooms” button.

The window that pops up shows only reservations with unassigned rooms (although the drop down allows you to see all current/future, as well).

The list of available rooms is based on the room type of the reservation. Double click the room, or click the assign button to assign the room.


If you have any questions about using this feature or updating your software, please call our office at 920.746.0606.

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