A simple approach to rates: Base Room Type

By Amanda Henschel
Published on October 23rd, 2018

While updating rates can be both time consuming and detail oriented, it is necessary for managing a property.  For that reason, Bay Lakes created a way in which rates can be done effortlessly. With the new Base Room Type feature in Rate Classes, rates can be derived from one room type’s rates, rather than entering each room type’s rate individually. 

To Set-Up the Base Room Type

First, open or create a new rates class. On the first tab, ‘General’ select the room type that will be the Base Room Type.  In the example rate, the B-2 Queens room is the base room type.  Setting this value allows the system to base all the other room types’ rates on this one selected.

Next, under the second tab ‘Rates’ enter in the rates for the selected Base Room Type. These will be the rates the other room types will base theirs off of.

Then, open each (double click) room type at a time. In each, enter the ‘Change from Base Room Type Rate’. This is the value the rate will change by for the unit selected.  If no value is entered, the rate will be the same as the base room type’s rate. In the example image below, $100.00 is entered in the K-2 Queens room type. This will take the rates from the base room type (B-2 Queens) and add $100.00/ day.  

Finish by saving and exiting. 


A few key points to be aware of when using this feature:

  • Entering a negative amount in the ‘Change from Base Room Type Rate’ will decrease the rate from the base room type’s rate. In the example given above, if -$100.00 is entered, the rate for the room would be the base room’s rate minus $100.00/day.
  • Editing of rates manually cannot be done on the non-base room types’ rates. The rates for the non-base room types’ will always derive from the base room type’s rates.
  • The Length of Stay can be updated on any room type in the rate class.


If you have any questions about how to use this feature, give us a call at 920.746.0606.


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