Configuring Lock-Off Units and Connecting Them to Web-Booking Engines

By Amanda Henschel
Published on August 16th, 2017

Lodgical Solution Enterprise supports selling lock-off units on web-booking engines. Lock-off units, also known as add-ons or adjoining rooms, are units that have access to each other via a connecting door.

This new setting must be set up in Lodgical’s Online Reservations interface. To set up your system to support selling these units, follow these steps:

Configuring Lock-Off Units in Lodgical

Before configuring the CRS Interface, Lodgical must be configured to support lock-offs in the general settings of Lodgical. Each lock-off must be set up in Lodgical, as well as on the CRS side.

    1. Each lock-off grouping of rooms must be configured as a room type. For example, let’s say we have 3 combinations: (A, B, C); (A, B); (A, C). Each of those combinations would be configured as a separate room type in Lodgical.

      Set up for Lock Offs in Configuration

    2. Once these are configured in Lodgical, rates must be created for each grouping in Rate Classes.

      Set Up of Lock Off Rates

Configuring Lock-Off Units to Online Booking Engine

  1. Open the Online Reservations interface
  2. Double Click on the CRS you want to map to
  3. Click the Lock Offs button
  4. The CRS value is the value in your online platform for the unit.
    The LockOff is the value in Lodgical for the unit.
    Repeat for each type


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Updated: September 30, 2020

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