Copy Rates by Unit or by Rate Class

By Angie Jonas
Published on August 30th, 2016

Copy one rate class to the next

To copy all the rates from one rate class onto the next, follow these simple steps.

1. From the main screen of Lodgical, select Utilities/Configuration/Rate classes.


2. Select the rate class by double-clicking on it. Click the Copy From icon on the next screen. The Copy from Rate Class box will appear. Select the Rate Class you wish to copy and the date range you wish to copy from. In the Copy to section, select the starting date you wish to copy to. Please note: The “From Date” day of the week and the “Start On” day of the week need to be the same day of the week. Select OK.


Copy one unit to the next

To copy rates from one room to the next, go to the “Room Type Rates” tab. Highlight the room you want the rates to go to and click the “Copy From” button next to “Quick Fill”.

Choose a room to copy the rates from. The dates you can choose are between the “Displaying Dates”, so make sure you have those showing correctly for the days you need. You can include Length of Stay Rules in the copy also. Hit Ok, and Save!


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