Lodgical Express: Interactive Chart

By Mikaela
Published on October 7th, 2020

Chances are, you are going to be spending most of your time with the Chart open in Express. On the chart, you can see a clear picture of all reservations and maintenance blocks. Jump to any day via the calendar. Click on reservations to open them up. Drag on the chart to add reservations and blocks.

Search Using the Calendar

The date in the upper left corner in Express opens up to the entire month you are on. Click the month on the calendar, and it opens up to choose any month of that year. Click the top again and it’ll give you the option to choose the year you wish to search in. 

Been searching around your chart for a while and need to get back to the current day? The “Today” button automatically makes that easy.


Jump to a Room

If your property has a lot of rooms, the dropdown menu next to the  calendar jumps to that room on the chart.

See Soft Bookings

The chart automatically only shows hard bookings (or bookings with rooms assigned). If you do soft bookings, click the box next to the room selection dropdown to see those reservations.

Navigating the Chart

The chart does not scroll. The chart is navigated by the blue buttons in the top right corner.

  • The light blue buttons go down the room of the chart. The default is 13 rooms on the chart. If you have more than 13 rooms, use the light blue buttons to flip to view more of them.
  • The dark blue buttons go back and forth in time. 15 days are shown at a time on the chart. The single arrows go one day at a time. The double-arrows go by 15 day increments.

Add a Reservation or Maintenance Block

Click and drag over a set of days on a room/unit. 

A pop up shows up with two options: Add Reservation and Add Maintenance Block. Choose what you intend to add to the dates.

Here’s further explanation of how a reservation is filled out.


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