Lodgical Express : PMS on the Go

By Mikaela
Published on October 2nd, 2020

A lighter PMS that gets the job done

Need a PMS that works on any device: smartphone, tablet, computer? Lodgical Express is what you need! Express is a browser-based PMS Lite. Connect Express to your current Lodgical Enterprise software, or use by itself. Great for housekeepers to use on a tablet to have real-time updates to cleaning rooms. Useful for campgrounds to charge supplies to a site when they are out of the office, walking the grounds. Send bulk emails and text, too.

Left pop up menu

Dashboard shows an overview of information. Day of the week, upcoming events, temperature, property phone number, and emergency contacts. An interactive property layout shows room clean status or if occupied. See a closer look at the dashboard here.

Add reservations directly on the chart or from the “Add Res” buttons on the side navigation or dashboard.

Interactive chart to see reservations, availability, and maintenance blocks.

Create group accounts

See at-a-glance graphics of sales, housekeeping, reservations, and more.

Use reports for front desk management, financials, and other important information.

Easy-to-use housekeeping app automatically notifies the front desk and/or a guest that a room is clean.

Block off units for maintenance repair

See availability at a glance on the calendar

Organize a waiting list of interested guests in case there are cancellations.

Guests can purchase gift certificates, and it’s easy to apply them to a reservation. Gift certificates can also be used to take on a deposit if a guest cancels and they want to apply it to a future reservation.

Right pop up menu

Charge store sales on this platform. Use it like a regular point of sale at the store. As it’s browser-based, if a guest requests something when you are away from the store, you can charge it to their room from your phone.

Send out bulk emails to guests arriving or to guest who stayed with you over the season.

Bulk text messages are nice for greeting current guests or letting them know of specials happening during their stay.


If you already have Lodgical Solution software, you can add the functions of Express by adding an SSL to your Lodgical server.


If you have any questions about using this feature or updating your software, please call our office at 920.746.0606.

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